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Biodegradable barrier membrane

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 Membrane Fabrication:



Membrane Characteristics

  • Controlled Biodegradation
  • High Hydrophilicity
  • Bone Tissue Growth Stimulation
  • Good Mechanical Properties


Higuchi J., et al. Polymer Membranes Sonocoated and Electrosprayed with Nano-Hydroxyapatite for Periodontal
Tissues Regeneration, Nanomaterials 2019, 9, 1625; doi:10.3390/nano9111625



  • Addition of ceramic particles increase material biocompatibility
  • Structure similar to natural extracellular matrix (ECM)
  • Presence of bioactive ceramics significantly enhance the mineralization process and cell activity on polymer membranes
  • Addition of bioceramics can neutralize the acidic degradation products from polymers
  • Easy to manage during operation
  • High liquid absorption
  • Patented structure and fabrication


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For more information contact:
Julia Higuchi MSc Eng. MBA
Institute of High Pressure Physics, PAS Poland


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