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Interesting events, May 2023

Invited oral presentation by prof. Witold Łojkowski

“Hydroxyapatite with precisely regulated size – the tedious way from discovery to the clinic” (PDF).

At the Conference “Resent achievements in nanotechnology – 10th Anniversary of  BNT Centre University of Bialystok”,  May 2023

Description of nanostructure laboratory achievements concerning application of hydroxyapatite in bone regeneration processes.

GoHAP it is nano- hydroxyapatite, nanomaterial for faster bone regeneration, which can be characterized as follows:

  • Synthetic bone mineral for enhancement bone tissue regeneration,
  • The GoHAP nanomaterial perfectly corresponds to natural hydroxyapatite, which is a complement of bone,
  • A nanomaterial in powder form, which, when combined with blood, forms a plastic paste,
  • Possible application in orthopedics and dentistry,
  • It may be used for the treatment of complex bone fractures or other surgical treatment of bone trauma,
  • Innovative product in the certification and implementation phase for medical devices according to European requirements.

Numerous veterinary applications, used in many orthopedic surgeries provided in veterinary clinics, as well as healing Warsaw zoo Garden cheetahs and even horses after leg bone fractures.

Some projects were conducted for searching the best solutions for healing large bone gaps with scaffolds constructions. Implants were also coating with hydroxyapatite using  sono-coating techniques. During our experiments it was discovered that especially after mixing with blood or bone marrow, GoHAP in powder form showed good bone growth stimulations properties during healing process after surgery. After application of mentioned above GoHAP, bone gap were filled with new bone tissue after much shorter period compared with use of other methods.