PL - Laboratorium Nanostruktur
Instytut Wysokich Ciśnień PAN
EN - Laboratory of Nanostructures
Institute of High Pressure Physics PAS  

Nanoparticles with precisely regulated size

Nanoparticles with precisely regulated size

Collaboration offer for the European Nanomedicine Technology Platform Partners

  • Application of nanomaterials
  • Delivering of nanoparticles for modelling studies
  • Studying nanoparticle size dependent properties
  • Developing of new nanomaterials
  • Scaling up nanomaterials
  • High quality nanomaterials characterisation
  • Joint projects


Nanoparticles for research on size effects in nanoscale

Precise regulation of crystallites size permits to:

  • compare real properties with these from modelling experiments 
  • measure size dependent properties


HAP with particle size from 8 to 39 nm

GoHAP™ is a synthetic nanomaterial mimicking Hydroxyapatite (HAP) in human bone. It was successfully used for bone regeneration in many veterinary operations.






XRD patterns of synthetic GoHAP™ 1-6 and natural HAP

GoHAP™ 1 = natural bone.  GoHAP™ 6 = tooth enamel


ZnO with particle size regulated from 16 to 43 nm


Up to 115 nm achievable


ZnO doped with Co2+ up to 10 wt%


Mn2+ as well as Mn2+ &Co2+  cooping Available


Antibacterial ZnO: 2 wt% Ag nanoparticles with grain size from 22 to 38 nm

Particle size control and high yield production using  MSS Reactors for Microwave
Solvothemal Synhesis 

The production process is clean, in a rigid technological regime, reproducible and scalable

*Source: Majcher et al. 2013 International Journal of Chemical Reactor Engineering 11 (1), 361-368; DOI:10.1515/ijcre-2012-0009


Nanomaterials characterisation services offered by Labnano

  • Particle size distribution, by several methods
  • Specific surface, nano and micro porosity
  • Zeta potential
  • Suspensions stability
  • Chemical composition, Phase composition
  • Selected optical properties
  • Other

Collaboration offer

Bilateral or in joint EU projects.

  • Delivering of nanoparticles for modelling studies and size dependent properties
  • Developing of new nanomaterials
  • Investigation of size dependent properties
  • Scaling the nanomaterials rial production to industrial scale
  • Joint projects on nanomaterials application
  • Nanoparticle characterisation carried out according to the requirements of ISO/IEC 17025


Contact data: Witold Łojkowski, prof, Laboratory of Nanostructures,
Institute of High Pressure Physics, PAS

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