PL - Laboratorium Nanostruktur
Instytut Wysokich Ciśnień PAN
EN - Laboratory of Nanostructures
Institute of High Pressure Physics PAS  

Julia Higuchi


Julia Higuchi, PhD Eng. MBA


Graduated from the Faculty of Materials Science and Engineering of the Warsaw University of Technology with a specialization in biomaterials and the Faculty of Medicine of the Medical University of Warsaw in the field of dental materials. In 2019 obtained MBA degree with distinction (cum laude) at Institute of Computer Science of the Polish Academy of Sciences and Woodbury School of Business, Utah Valley University, USA.


Directions of scientific work:

  • Surface modifications of metallic, ceramic and polymer implants with bioactive nanoparticles (ultrasonic coating method, electrospraying method)
  • Fabrication and preclinical studies of fibrous polymer implants by electrospinning for the purposes of maxillo-facial surgery, oral surgery and implantology
  • Study of sonochemical processes in liquids in the presence of nanoparticles
  • R&D project management and implementation
  • Biocompatibility testing of ceramic layers on implants (in vitro, in vivo), certified clinical trials for medical devices
  • Medical devices production in cleanroom environment



  • 2013 practice at the National Institute for Materials Science, International Center of Materials Nanoarchitechtonics, Biomaterials Unit, Biometals Group, Tsukuba, JAPAN
  • Since 2014, researcher at the Laboratory of Nanostructures IHPP PAS
  • From 2014, PhD student at the Faculty of Materials Science at the Warsaw University of Technology. Doctoral dissertation carried out in the Laboratory of Nanostructures IHPP PAS
  • 2016, secretary of the board of the Nanomedicine Poland Association with headquarters in Warsaw, KRS: 0000612287
  • 11.01.2016 - 01/11/2016 Guest Researcher - Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology (EMPA), St.Gallen, SWITZERLAND
  • COST Short Term Scientific Mission Grant (COST-STSM-MP1301-37776) Center of Polymer Systems TBU Zlin, Czechy, 21/08 / 2017- 29/09/2017
  • Certified in Clinical Trials for Medical Devices (PL 17/S004/2018) and Good Clinical Practice Standard, ICH GCP E6 (R2),(PL 09/S244/2018).



  • Polish Society for Biomaterials, 274/PSB/17
  • European Society for Artificial Organs
  • European Society for Biomaterials
  • TERMIS - Tissue Engineering & Regenerative Medicine International Society


Major publications:

  • Julia Rogowska-Tylman (HIGUCHI), Janis Locs, Ilze Salma, Bartosz Woźniak, Mara Pilmane, Vita Zalite, Jacek Wojnarowicz, Aleksandra Kędzierska-Sar, Tadeusz Chudoba, Karol Szlązak, Adrian Chlanda, Wojciech Święszkowski, Aharon Gedanken, Witold Łojkowski, In vivo and in vitro study of a novel nanohydroxyapatite sonocoated scaffolds for enhanced bone regeneration, Journal of Materials Science and Engineering: C, Vol.99, Pages: 669-684, June 2019, IF: 5.08

  • Julia Rogowska-Tylman (HIGUCHI), Nabanita Saha,Agnieszka Chodara, Oyunchimeg Zandraa, Witold Łojkowski, Petr Sáha, , Nanotechnological approach to bacterial cellulose/nanohydroxyapatite biocomposites fabrication for bone regeneration, 7th EYEC Monograph 2018, Editor: Faculty of Chemical and Process Engineering, Warsaw University of Technology, Pages: 215. ISBN 978-83-936575-5-1.

  • Mohammad Saied Enayati , T. Behzad , P. Sajkiewicz , R. Bagheri , L. Ghasemi-Mobarakeh, S. Kuśnieruk , J. Rogowska-Tylman (HIGUCHI) , Z. Pahlevanneshan , E. Choińska and W. Święszkowski Fabrication and characterization of electrospun bionanocomposites of poly (vinyl alcohol)/ nanohydroxyapatite/cellulose nanofibers International Journal Of Polymeric Materials And Polymeric Biomaterials, 2016, VOL. 65, NO. 13, Pages: 660–674. IF 3.57

  • P. Oberbek, T. Bolek, A. Chlanda, S. Hirano, S. Kusnieruk, J. Rogowska-Tylman (HIGUCHI), G. Nechyporenko, V. Zinchenko, W. Swieszkowski, T. Puzyn, Characterization and influence of hydroxyapatite nanopowders on living cells, Beilstein J. Nanotechnology, 2018, 9, Pages: 3079–3094. doi:10.3762/bjnano.9.286. IF: 2.97



  • Patent granted, nr PL226891 (B1), 29.09.2017, country: POLAND,
    Authors: J. Rogowska-Tylman (HIGUCHI), W. Święszkowski, T. Chudoba, B. Woźniak, S. Kuśnieruk, A. Kędzierska, D. Smoleń, E. Pietrzykowska, W.Łojkowski, J. Wojnarowicz, A.Gedanken, J.Locs, V.Zalite, M.Pilmane, I.Salma , Method For Manufacturing Bone Implants And Bone Implant.
  • International patent application nr 2,985,182, data: 16.11.2017, country: CANADA
  • International patent application nr 201727042248, data: 24.11.2017, country: INDIA
  • International patent application nr 15571825, data: 04.11.2017, country: USA
  • Patent application, PL427554 (A1), 26.20.2018, country: POLAND,
    Authors: J.Rogowska-Tylman (HIGUCHI), G.Fortunato, B.Woźniak, A.Chodara, W. Łojkowski,
    Biological Barrier Membrane.



  • FP7 - M-era.NET GoImplant (2013-2016) – Tough, Strong and Resorbable Orthopedic Implants
  • FP7 – ERA-NET „SONOSCA” MATERA/BBM-2557 (2012-2014) - Sonochemical technology for bioactive bone regeneration scaffold production.
  • iTE (STRATEGMED III) [306888 POL] (2016-2019) A method of treatment of large bone defects in oncological patients using tissue engineering in vivo.
  • NANOLIGABOND [POIR.04.01.02-00-0016/16], (2016-2019) - Artificial tendons and ligaments fixation to bone tissue using nanotechnological approach.
  • Short Term Scientific Mission grant at Research Grant at Centre of Polymer Systems TBU Zlin, Czech Republic. (COST-STSM-MP1301-37776). Design and fabrication of bacterial cellulose/nanohydroxyapatite matrix for wound dressing application, 2017.