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Inventors from the Laboratory of Nanostructures and Nanomedycine receive on March, 1 2022, intelectual property rights to United States Patent No 11,260,148B2 under the title:


 United States Patent, Święszkowski et al.

Mutual efforts result of laboratory research team as well as excellent co-workers of many fields. Elaboration and patent of the method for manufacturing bone implant, gave us possibility to participate in many very important projects like: BIOIMPLANT, GOIMPLANT, SONOSCA, NANOLIGABOND, iTE. These projects were results of co-operation within consortia, which one of the most prominent members was Faculty of Materials Engineering, Warsaw Technical University.


Method for manufacturing bone implants and bone implant


The method of making an implant consists on coating of a supporting structure (1) with synthetic hydroxyapatite by immersing the supporting structure (1) in a suspension (3) and triggering of a cavitation in a portion of the suspension (3) being in contact with the supporting structure (1). The suspension (3) is formed by a liquid external phase, advantageously water, and internal phase, i.e. particles of synthetic hydroxyapatite having an average particle size not exceeding 100 nm and containing structural water in an amount from 2 to 6% by weight. The implant is coated with the above described hydroxyapatite subjected to cavitation and a thickness of 50 nm to 1000 nm, advantageously 50 nm to 300 nm.



Wojciech Swięszkowski

Tadeusz Chudoba

Sylwia Kuśnieruk

Aleksandra Kędzierska

Bartosz Woźniak

Julia Rogowska-Tylman

Dariusz Smoleń

Elzbieta Pietrzykowska

Witold Lojkowski

Jacek Wojnarowicz

Aharon Gedanken

Janis Locs

Vita Zalite

Mara Pilmane

Ilze Salma

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