PL - Laboratorium Nanostruktur
Instytut Wysokich Ciśnień PAN
EN - Laboratory of Nanostructures
Institute of High Pressure Physics PAS  

Reactor MSS-2

Synthesis of nanoparticles

The Laboratory of Nanostructures specialize in designing unique in the world line of pressure chemical reactors type MSS (dedicated for Solvothermal Microwave Synthesis). During microwave solvothermal synthesis microwaves are the source of heat for the liquid reaction mixture in a closed high pressure chamber. The technology is environmentally friendly and provide nanopowders of the highest quality: ultra-pure, homogeneous, with an precise morphology and particle size.

The MSS-2 reactor model developed in our laboratory is characterize with high-temperature sealing pressure allowing pure introduction of substrates, running processes and clean release of products in the track made out of chemically stable materials. The use of microwave radiation and the unique construction of the reactor allows for precise control of pressure during the rapid synthesis processes, regulated with an accuracy of one second. In the reactor model, MSS-2 there is special mechanism used to empty the reaction chamber, just immediately after the heating, which lead to rapid cooling and freezing the reaction.

The resulting volume of the process chamber (470 ml) and process automation in the operating mode "stopped flow" provide unprecedented achievement in productivity of nanopowders synthesis. The control device is run according to BS EN 61512 (ANSI / ISA-S88.01 norm for Batch Control) and allows to monitor device status, monitor and record process parameters, carrying out the processes in manual, semi-automatic and automatic mode. Our technical idea has been recognized by experts and the MSS-2 reactor received a gold medal at the International Fair in Poznan in 2010, in the category of INNOVATION and TECHNOLOGY MACHINE.