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Preferred abstracts:

  • Industry showing their advanced products,
  • Doctors explaining unsoved problems in their clinical practice
  • R&D presentations showing results at  technological readiness level 4 or more (TRL)

Presentations should be prepared in manner to be understandable by a wide audience.

Presentations should  follow this or a similar pattern:

  1. Explain the problem
  2. Explain your solution
  3. Why is this solution better than state of the art
  4. What is the novelty
  5. Conclusions: offer, collaboration needs, opportunities
  6. Clinicians may show unsolved patients problems
  7. Business may show collaboration offers
  8. Promotion of products and solutions is allowed, but try to keep to the above scheme

Invited lectures: 30 min including discussion

Short talks: 10 min

Students short talks: 5 min (upon invitation based on abstract)



Call for Posters no deadline.

Conference Program is here ->http://labnano.pl/NanoPL/?page_id=870



Oral presentation program:


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