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General Information

Conference Program is here ->

The conference is part of International InnoTech – innovative Technologies Fair

Participants of NanoPL 2014 have free access to the Fair, and the two events are coordinated.

The key NanoPL 2014 topics are nanotechnology, nano-bio, nanomedicine, advanced materials. nano for practical applications, devices for characterisation and production of nanomaterials.

We encourage to combine the two events and to show your offer also at the InnoTech fair and exhibition.

The conference room, poster room and coffee breaks are in the exhibition hall. An alley of nano- exhibitors will lead to the conference room. The agenda of the tow events is coordinated.

Mission of NANO PL

Foster applications of nanotechnology and advanced materials. Connect academia, doctors,  industry and business in area of advanced materials, nano technology and nano-bio technology.


Create opportunities to meet, and start cooperation.

Show newest trends in nanotechnology and advanced materials.

Foster preparation of Polish National and EU Horison 2020 projects.

Expected Value

New technologies accelerate growth of commercial enterprises.

Researchers adjust their research to business needs.

Establishing new cooperation.

Start new research projects.


Expected number of participants: 200

Date: 15-17 October 2014

Venue: Kielce Interantional Trade Fair