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Institute of High Pressure Physics

of the Polish Academy of Sciences

Sokołowska Street 29/37

01-142 Warsaw, Poland




The direction of research of our Laboratory is focused on the synthesis of nanopowders, their characterization, applications in medicine, optics, optoelectronics, pharmacy and cosmetics.
We have been developing the technology of microwave-solvothermal synthesis of MSS nanoparticles for many years.

Our reactors were awarded a gold medal at:
MSS1 – international exhibition in St. Petersburg in 2010
MSS2 – International Fair in Poznan Innovation Technology Machines Poland (see more under Reactors)

The Technology which we developed, enables us to obtain homogeneous and highly pure nanoparticles in ultra-short synthesis time. The sizes and shapes of the obtained nanopowders are easy to manipulate.

We specialize in the production of nanopowders: hydroxyapatite, zinc oxide, zirconium oxide. The powders are characterized by a vast surface area in the range of 10-235m2/g and grain size 7-100 nm.

  • We coordinate projects whose aim is the improvement of our synthesis processes and their possibilities of application. The most essential are: Materials for medicine – resorbable bone implants after oncologic operations and accidents
  • Sonosca “Sonochemical technology for bioactive bone regeneration scaffold production” Materials for optoelectronics – oxygen detector for industry and medicine (anaesthesiology)
  • Nanoparticles impact on the environment NANOFATE
  • “Nanoparticle fate assessment and Toxicity in the environment”