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The Laboratory possess modern equipment for nanoparticles characterisation.  10 years market experience in services for:

  • measuring nanoparticle size,
  • zeta potential,


  • size distribution,
  • morphology, specific surface,
  • density,
  • BET method,
  • XRD.

ISO 17025 certificate for Particle size analysis, Zeta potential, Thermogravimetry combined with DSC, FTIR and Mass Spectroscopy, FE-SEM microanalysis.


The list of laboratory equipment:

  1. Reactors
  2. OptiMax™ Synthesis Workstation for Chemical and Process Development
  3. Electron Microscopy
  4. X-ray Diffraction
  5. STA (DSC- TG)
  6. Quadrupole Mass- Spectroscopy
  7. FT-IR Spectroscopy
  8. Malvern (Zetasizer 3000)
  9. Malvern (Zetasizer Nano- ZS)
  10. Tensiometer ( Sinterface, model BPA-1P)
  11. Helium Pycnometry
  12. BET
  13. Turbiscan